02-Jun-2011Preparing for Emergencies or Disasters!

Are you a solo-preneur either working in a small office or out of the home and haven’t planned for disasters or other emergencies? This post is for you!

In news of recent natural disasters this past season I was inspired to write a post about preparing your business in case of such events. Last year (2010) during this time, California was experiencing quite a few earthquakes and inspired me to write a post on how to survive the apocalypse – here. All kidding about the apocalypse aside, disasters are unpredictable and covering our business bases can at least put our minds at ease. (more…)

01-Jun-2011Facebook Tricks – Your Page as Your Employer

Are you your own boss? Chances are you might have a Facebook page set up for your business and want to link that to your personal profile as your employer.

Follow these quick and easy tips and you’ll be the envy of all your friends. Okay maybe not but its worth a try.


28-Jan-2011WPbook Plugin

This is just a test and if it worked you should see a shiny new Qtip post showing on QuasiCo’s page via the WPbook plugin.


03-Dec-2010Qtip: Morning Rituals

Back in the day most people’s morning rituals after their rise and shine would include a cup of joe in one hand and a newspaper in the other. Fast forward to today RSS Feeds and the “morning coffee” add-on for Firefox have replaced newspapers for many Gen X’s and tons of Gen Y’s. (more…)

12-Jul-2010Qtip: What is FTP and How do I use it?

Most of my clients are used to me saying by now, “Hang on let me ftp it”.  The first reaction I get from new clients is “huh?” Here’s a run down on what is FTP and how to use it.

FTP stands for ‘file transfer protocol’ which is basically how a file gets transferred from one place to another over the Internet. (more…)

05-May-2010Qtip: Personal Design

From the Facebook discussion board Danielle Irvine asks, “I love the way the ‘save the dates’ you designed for my wedding turned out! What are some other things you can design for a person that is not affiliated with a company?”

People need branding too. (more…)

05-May-2010Get your Qtips Here

New posts are going up labeled “Qtip” where we will post tips on marketing, design, and advertising for product, brand, company, or even for yourself.

Feel free to ask a question on our Facebook discussion board and we’ll feature it as a Qtip!