Qtip: What is FTP and How do I use it?

Most of my clients are used to me saying by now, “Hang on let me ftp it”.  The first reaction I get from new clients is “huh?” Here’s a run down on what is FTP and how to use it.

FTP stands for ‘file transfer protocol’ which is basically how a file gets transferred from one place to another over the Internet. I say place because this could either be a server in some secret undeground storage facility or it could be my computer, your computer, or that creepy guy that works in the office next to yours. Either place its going we have to use a FTP friendly program to transfer this stuff from one place to another. When you transfer a file to me lets say, its called Uploading. When you take a file from me or someone else its called Downloading. Here’s how to upload and download using a few programs you might already use.

Via Windows Explorer (7/8)


I am a caption!

Click the Start Menu.
Right click on My Computer then Open.
In the address bar at the top type in the FTP address you were given which should look something like “ftp.domainname.com.”
You’ll see a folder called pub – any where in the white area surrounding this folder, right click and choose “log in as.”
Type in the user name and password you were given.
Now you should see  all the folders that lie on the ‘host’ computer.
You should be able to transfer files from your computer (shown on the left of your screen) to the files on the host computer (shown on the right of your screen).

Via Firefox

visit https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/684/ and download the plug in called “FireFTP”
Once you have installed click on ‘create new account’
Pick a memorable name for account name like “QuasiCo’s Server”
Type in the ftp address you were given in the Host name.
And finally the user name and password you were given.
Then Log in by clicking the ‘connect’ button.


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