Qtip: Morning Rituals

Back in the day most people’s morning rituals after their rise and shine would include a cup of joe in one hand and a newspaper in the other. Fast forward to today RSS Feeds and the “morning coffee” add-on for Firefox have replaced newspapers for many Gen X’s and tons of Gen Y’s.

So what is the digital version of morning coffee? If you have Firefox go to this link and look for ‘morning coffee’. It basically allows you to add websites of your choosing to open automatically on specific days of the week. So Monday to Friday you may be interested in reading actual news from NPR while the weekend you reserve for more lighthearted variety and want to read the Onion. Multiply this by dozens of websites you actually read on a daily basis and this little add-on pops them all up for you without effort.

Feeling braver? You could also subscribe to your favorite website’s RSS feed and then use a feed reader to read all the latest posts on that site. RSS (really simple syndication) or a feed is basically an automatically generated list of news, posts or stories all on one page (you can learn more here). This feed has a special website address usually something like www.domain.com/feed or www.domain.com/rss. The special website address is what you can subscribe to by copying it over to an RSS reader.

RSS feeds have replaced newspapers for most gen x and y’s. If you’re looking for some awesome  feeds to add to your list check out Mashable, Straight Dope, NPR the Treatment  and Smashing Magazine.

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