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download Autodesk Revit 2016 From the Facebook discussion board Danielle Irvine asks, download Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium “I love the way the ‘save the dates’ you designed for my wedding turned out! What are some other things you can design for a person that is not affiliated with a company?”

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People need branding too. Whether your an aspiring entreprenuer or someone looking for a job, you can benefit from design. Here are some examples of what we call personal design:

  • A personal business card with your name, number, and email ┬áis a great thing to keep in your wallet, purse, or car. Networking is a sure fire way to make it to the top and handing over a card with your info on it makes your connection likely to last.
  • Artists with a portfolio, a customer service rep with a lot of thank you brag emails, a chef with recipes; these are all people would would benefit from a personal website. Anyone that has something to say and wants to make connections should have a website.
  • Why send boring unoriginal invitations or thank you notes. Customized invites and note cards are always a hit and can fit in with your unique party themes. For just a few extra dollars people will remember those “cool” invites you sent them.

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